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Founded on education and involvement

Where many orchestras have commendable community programs and initiatives, OrchestraOne is founded on it. Every event we hold, including our concert experiences, is developed and curated with our communities at its heart. We are dedicated to continually exploring the world around us in an effort to bring the power of music to as many people as possible in a meaningful, positive way.


Listening to our communities

Our philosophy is that in order to develop meaningful relationships and effect lasting change, we must ask the right questions and listen to our communities. We partner with community leaders in order to identify organizations who would benefit from collaborating with OrchestraOne and curate unique programs that fit their wants and needs.

If you are a community leader, member of an organization or simply an individual who feels you would benefit from partnering with OrchestraOne, please reach out here!


A new concert experience

We are dedicated to making all of our concerts and events remarkable. We perform in unique and interesting venues throughout New York City, and are dedicated to creating a holistic, exciting, welcoming and inclusive environment.

We shift the traditional performance paradigm by tearing down any and all barriers between the orchestra and audience, and encourage freedom of movement and interaction with the music. Our conductor and artists will lead interactive talks, lectures, improvisations and much more before, during and after the concert.

Our concerts are first and foremost collective community experiences aimed at bringing the audience and the orchestra together. We give our audiences the tools they need to extract the meaning in every work we perform.


Inclusive and accessible

In our effort to make world class performances and well-curated educational programs available to all, we are wholly dedicated to making sure that our events are inclusive, accessible and welcoming to every member of our community.